Because having a surprise baby this year hasn’t challenged our lives enough, The Husband and I have also got things started on the building of our new home. Eeeek, clearly we are not the type of couple that likes to do levels of stress in half measures, no, we are the “go ahead and pile it on” types. If your gonna go down, may as well go down in hugely spectacular fashion, thats what we believe. And For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, I know what your thinking, “wait, didn’t you guys just build a house last year?” The answer is “yes, we did” but that wasn’t the f’real house (Click Here for Flashback), it was/is just a temporary home for us to reside until we got the plans figured out and designed, and cut through all of the red tape necessary to be given the go-ahead to build our actual home. Once the f’real home is built, this house will¬†operate as a guest house. And, as and from today, there is no turing back. The foundation is well and truly under way and we are at the beginning stages of what is about the be the most exciting and toughest months of our married lives to date. New baby, new house and oh yeah, its also an Olympic year, which means The Husband (a sports agent) will also be juggling a summer of hectic, global travel. Guess who’s about to be completely OVERWHELMED??

An aerial view (from the deck of our not f’real house) of today’s digging.

Once the builders left, Dexter took on an inspective role of the days work.

Crooked on the other hand, took a more playful approach to the days events, choosing to climb the mounds and…….

….dig in the dirt instead.

Fintan decided to reserve any kind of judgements on the recent upheaval but rather observe it all from the shelter of some newly cleared trees.

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  1. Mary says:

    I didn’t know you were building a house! That’s so exciting! Such cute pet photos- they clearly love the new place already!

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Hey Mary, yes, we are all out in the crazy stakes this year. Hope you and your puppies are keeping well.

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