April 23, 2012

My home life was a clear reflection of my mental state, an absolute mess. The past few weeks I’ve been existing in a state of complete anxiety. Life has been busy in all of its separate compartments, work, home, marriage, impending baby and I’ve been feeling the pressure in a very big way. My “To-Do” lists were long and in the habit of derailing in the blink of one phone call or e-mail. Usually in this state of stress and anxiety, I’d seek clarity and relief by running. I’d run miles at a nearby mountain park. It helps me get my thoughts straight and burns off all of my nervous, excess, unproductive energy, so by the time I’ve finished my run, I’m a lot calmer, more focused and ready to get things done. However, being that I’m now 8 months pregnant, running is a non-option and it has left me struggling in my efforts to breath and refocus. Not even my own home could offer any relief or sanctuary, cos I had allowed that to derail too.

This weekend however, out of nowhere I somehow managed to get the productive smack in the face I’ve been needing to kick myself into gear. And I gladly passed that smack in the face onto The Husband, so between the 2 of us, stuff got done. The productive smack even spilled over into my work life and as a result, loads of stuff got done there too. I seriously felt like Charlie Sheen in the “winning” steaks. Now I’m heading into a new week a lot less anxious and almost on top of things. I give a celebration¬†Sigh, of total relief.

In a moment of non-productivity today, I came across this image online and it crack me up. This is absolutely me if I tried to run right now. Hilarious.

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