Duck Like Instincts

April 17, 2012

Today the rain finally showed up in Georgia. Its been hotter than Hades in these here parts for waaay too long and I’ve been struggling. Heat is just not my thing, never has been, rain is where its at for sure.  I sleep better, am happier, a lot calmer and definitely more productive during a good downpour. I’ve even been known to grab my trainers and take off for a run mid rain storm. To me, nothing feels better. I’m completely at home in the rain, cos lets be honest, in my home (Ireland), all it ever does is rain. So my duck like instincts make perfect sense. Yet somehow, the tortourous heat and humidity of Atlanta is now the place I call home. As my secondary school english teacher Mr. McDermot would say, “this is an example of irony girls, underline please.”

Confusion all around as Dexter and Crookie watch me head off for a stroll in the midst of a downpour.

2 Responses to “Duck Like Instincts”

  1. Sarah Shinkins says:

    Great photo Karen! Love the wellies :)

  2. Thanks Sarah, if your nice to me I may let you borrow them next time you visit :)

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