A Visitor From Home

March 21, 2012

Tomorrow my best friend from Ireland is coming to visit and I’m super excited. Derval and I have been besties for longer than I care to remember. During my years on the Irish track team, we were serial roommates. We traveled to many countries, competed at many European and World Championships as well as Olympic Games. We’ve shared in all the drama and emotion that goes along with life as a professional athlete, some amazing highs and some not so amazing lows. We’ve also shared plenty of clothes, shoes, accessories, food, money and many a night out drowning our sorrows or celebrating our victories in Irish pubs all over the world. All just part of life on the global road. I however, have long since retired from competitive track, but Derval still continues to smash records and rack in the medals for Ireland and is currently preparing for the London Olympics in July of this year. This week however she is taking a much needed break from the intensity of training and flying to Miami to visit her boyfriend who is also on the Irish Olympic team for sailing and has been training in Florida for the past 3 weeks. But there was no way she could fly all the way to the US and not stop over in Atlanta to visit. Sadly its only for a day, but I’m still super excited and I’ve planned lots girlie stuff for us to do in the 24 hours she’ll be here and one of those things will be harassing her to forget about the boyfriend and stay longer with me :) which is completely selfish I know, but hey, I’m an only girl sandwiched between 1 older and 1 younger brother, what can I say, I’m use to getting things my way.

Me, Derval and her precious little doggy, Berlino, taken last summer in Ireland at a shoot we put together to get some cutie photos of Derval and her doggy. You can check out more photos from the shoot HERE.

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  1. Derval O Rourke says:

    Shinks I had the best 24 hours ever and even though you are gonna kill me for saying it I should have planned a longer trip. I need to look into a trip over say September with the sailor. Think about it…..Sailor loves manual labour so they could get stuck into the new gaff and we could mind the baby and drink some vino. mmmm
    I miss you and the bump and the doyler and crooked and dexter. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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