The Fashionably Unprepared

February 27, 2012

If baby Shinkins-Doyle were to show up today, The Husband and I would be screwed. When I tell you we have nothing, we have NOTHING. Our only option would be to wrap him in swaddling clothes and lay him in a manger. Up to this point it hadn’t really bothered us too much, the casual feeling that we had plenty of time, was much stronger than our desire to hit the malls and baby stores, but now that I’ve reached the 6 month mark and can no longer fit into any of my regular clothes, I’m starting to freak out. In 3 months time there will be a baby among us and we have NOTHING. So this past weekend, in addition to me buying myself some clothes baby and I can actually breath and move in, I decided to buy a couple of things that might help kick The Husband and I into baby preparation action, so I got us each our very own diaper bags. But not your run of the mill cutesy, pastel colored bags, speckled with images of cartoon characters and teddy bears, no,we I wanted something a little more stylish and fashion forward, something that wouldn’t scream “diaper bag” unless we told you it was a diaper bag. So for him I chose a manly black and leather, and for her/me, something a little more feminine. I presented The Husband’s to him, all wrapped up in a gift bag and as I’m going to great lengths to demonstrate the various compartments for bottles, wipes, diapers and spare baby bits n’ pieces, he starts to get pumped about the handy and easy to reach compartments where he can put his iPad and cell phone. I literally stopped mid-sentence. This man was not listening to a word I said, nor was he thinking about the bag in terms of what it was actually meant for. I gave him a blank stare and eventually threw my hands in the air and uttered the words, “we’re screwed“. Obviously we are that couple, the couple who needs to be up to their eyeballs in poop, spit-up and night feeds before we start to get a clue. I feel bad for baby Shinkins-Doyle and I feel bad for us, but I’m loving our new accessories.

His & Hers diaper bags

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