Baby Runs a 5k

February 11, 2012

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a number of people ask if I’ve continued to run during my pregnancy and unfortunately the answer is a not so simple yes, then no, then yes again. Initially I did continue running, then due to a minor pregnancy complication early on, I was advised to stop. So I did, and instead took up little biking and swimming, but can’t say I loved either all that much. Then about 3 weeks ago at one of my routine check-ups, I was told that everything looked good and the green light was given for me to get back to some easy running if I so desired. And let me tell you, I did very much desire. Less than 24 hours after being told yes to running, the bike was back in the shed, the goggles and swimsuit were tossed somewhere in the vicinity of my closet and I had my shorts on, trainers laced up and was out the door faster than it took The Husband to finish yelling “take it easy out there”.

It felt so good, if not a little weird to be back running the Kennesaw trails again. My technique has become slightly altered to accommodate the small bowling ball I’m now carrying up front and my goals have switched from running hard and trying to beat previous mileage times, to something a little more steady and controlled. PB’s are currently not allowed and I tried to keep that in mind this morning when me and my growing bump lined up to take part in the annual Mardi Gras 5k. Yep, you read that right, baby and I, and my friend Mike, got our race on. And if you don’t believe me I have pictures to prove it.

Big thank you to my friend Gianne, who braved the early morning cold to come out and support and also grab a few photos. Thats me in the center, almost a blur due to the ferocious speed at which I am not moving at.

Mike, me and the growing bump in a post-race Kodak moment.

3 Responses to “Baby Runs a 5k”

  1. Gianne Demeritte says:

    You were running too fast Karen, it was almost impossible to catch you! ;-) I promise to be ready next time. I’m so happy the post shot came out well! FYI my fingers finally defrosted earlier today! LOL

  2. Edward says:

    Hi Sis

    Fair play to you. Was wondering how long you could last without doing some form of running. Keep taking it easy and keep the competitive side locked in the cupboard until after junior is born.

  3. Gianne, your a trooper. There should have been medals for supporters and photographers too who were nuts enough to brave that chill.

    Edward, I need to take advantage. I feel my running privileges will be revoked again in a couple of weeks (sad face)

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