Eggshell City

February 5, 2012

Its eggshell city at chez Shinkins-Doyle today. The Husband is on his nerve and I dare not say 1 wrong thing or ask 1 more “stupid question” about anything to do with football, the NFL in general or anything that might be perceived as having a “negative connotation” for his team. Yes, its that time of year again, Super Bowl Sunday and today The Husbands team, the New England Patriots go up against the much hated (at least in our house) New York Giants. The beers are in, the burgers will soon be a grilling and all the furniture has be arranged in the exact same manner and we’ve all been instructed to sit in the exact same places we’ve been sitting the entire season, least we somehow undo the good karma and positive mojo that has kept The Patriots winning and earned them their place in todays Super Bowl final.

Go Pats!

***Update: The Patriots lost. Nightmare. The Husband is not himself so we continue to walk on eggshells. Now and for the next few days, we will be avoiding any kind of important discussions or topics related to feelings of any kind. He’s still very much in the angry phase and not ready to open up and share.

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