Lets Date, Again

February 3, 2012

If there’s one thing we do badly as a couple, The Husband and I, its make time, for quality time together. Both of our worlds spin fast, often in opposite directions. He runs his own company (Doyle Management Group) and I work a day job as well as run my own business. Most days our window of togetherness is very tiny. Maybe sit down to eat dinner together tiny, or fall asleep watching Glee or Real Housewives of some city together tiny, thats if we don’t start working again once we get home. The problem is, we both love what we do, so the long hours don’t feel so long when its something you enjoy. The downside however, is once we do eventually switch off the laptops, Blackberry’s and iPad’s for the day, we’re completely spent and all of a sudden working on quality time together, just feels like way too much work. Somewhere along the way, in our oh-so-busy lives, our priorities got all messed up and we became lazy when it came to us. But like any rehabilitating couple, admitting there’s a problem is the first step to recovery and if you ask me, the easiest step. The harder part is actually getting up off our asses and making ourselves go out and begin to redo all the things we use to enjoy doing, together. So tonight we start with a date. Dinner for two, followed by a trip to one of my most favorite places to hangout, relax and get lost…..the bookstore. Yes, go ahead, be completely envious cos we are most definitely that crazy couple. Left unsupervised, things sure do get wild up in here. At Barnes & Noble tonight, who knows what kind of book browsing, page turning, glue and print sniffing type shenanigans we’re about to get up to.

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