I’m not a natural teacher. I sometimes find it hard to explain myself, with words, so often times a conversation with me, is more like a high energy game of charades, complete with frantic hand gestures and lots of physical demonstrations. I’m so very Broadway (HELLOOOOO JAZZ HANDS!!!!), or at the least, a product of the Billy Barry Stage School (Irish people know exactly what I’m talking about). Anyway, last Saturday my good friend Gianne and I got together to do a little shooting practice. 2 years ago when I was just starting out in my photography business, Gianne was actually one of my very first brides. She had heard I was taking photography classes and was interested in becoming a wedding photographer, so the very brave and trusting girl that she is, Gianne contacted me and asked if I would not only do her and her future husband’s engagement photos, but their wedding too. I was beyond excited but completely terrified at the same time. I was so raw, so new and still trying to develop my photography confidence. Up to this point my only “real client” had been my kitty-cat, Fintan, who I’d been practicing on daily. But I knew if I was ever going to take the necessary steps towards becoming a wedding photographer, then terrified as I was feeling, I needed to say “yes” to this opportunity, so I did.

Then last summer Gianne contacted me again, she had become obsessed with all things photography since her wedding and had pestered her husband into buying her first DSLR camera. Only problem, she didn’t really know what to do with it, so she asked if I would give her a few lessons. Now, once again Gianne had succeeded in scaring the pants off me cos as I’ve just mentioned, I am not a natural teacher, but on top of that I still view myself as the hungry student, always looking to learn and develop my own shooting skills, so I doubted my ability to be of much assistance, but figuring it was yet another opportunity for me to push and challenge myself, I again said “yes”. As it turns out, Gianne speaks my language perfectly, well, minus the Irish accent and the swearing, but she was clued into everything I tried to verbalize, but even more importantly, was completely clued into my frantic Billy Barry dramatics. Our sessions together became a lot of fun and Gianne learned very fast. So fast I was able to have her 2nd shoot some of my weddings with me last year. This year we continue working together and practicing our shooting techniques, which is what we were doing last Saturday when she snapped this photo of me in the throws of a teaching moment, where I’m apparently threatening to chop her head off if she doesn’t start obeying my every command.

And here is the wonderful Gianne, in a big fat hurry to get as far away from the crazy pregnant women as she possibly can.

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