Full Plate

June 26, 2010

Its been a crazy busy week and its spilled over into my weekend. I attended “The Perfect Wedding Guide” networking cocktail hour, which was actually 2 hours of cocktails on Wednesday evening. Before this I’d never actually been to a formal networking event and I felt like the new kid on the block and very fish out of water. But luckily there were a couple of people I knew there, so that helped ease the strain and awkwardness just a little.

But here are some photos of the amazing spread the fine people at Sun Dial restaurant put on for everyone and of course the views of Downtown Atlanta as seen from our perch in the restaurant.

Friday I spent the evening listening and learning from some of the top wedding photographers in the US. The average person may not recognized these names, but trust me, in the photo world, David Jay, Promise Tangeman and Ron Dawson are some of the industries heavy guns and it was so great to get the opportunity to sit and listen.

My new BFF Andrew, helped me turn my listening into actual doing. Thats me in the top right corner, learning intently.

And right now I’m just back from shooting a wedding with my friend Tessa. It was so much fun and the location was absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to share some of the photos soon. But for now, I’m beat down and ready for nothing but sleep. So good Saturday night cyber world.

3 Responses to “Full Plate”

  1. Rupa says:

    had a blast with you this past week at these events — busy but fun — a photographer’s life — how lucky are we!!?

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Busy is an understatement, but yes, it was so much fun. We really are lucky peeps. Hope your recharging on the beach is going well. See you soon.

  3. Nadine says:

    So these are all GORGEOUS! Wow. O_o pretty shots!

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