Let There Be Cards

December 13, 2011

The guilt was mammoth. Each year as Christmas cards arrived from family and friends wishing us all things merry and joyous for the holiday season and approaching New Year, I would feel nothing but remorse and shame. Yet another year had passed and once again The Husband and I had failed in our good intentions to send our nearest and dearest any kind of papery felicitations. In my head (and out loud cos I like to talk to myself sometimes) I would go crazy making up big hairy extravagant excuses and even give myself the permission to believe such creative lies, just cos it helped easify (totally made that one up) all of the guilt and shame.

This year however, there will be no more hairy extravagance, not more creative lies, cos this year people, we (and by we, I mean me) have gotten our proverbial “ish” together and for the first time in the history of our married lives, chez Shinkins-Doyle will be sending Christmas Cards. Hollllllaaaaa!. I’m not gonna lie, I feel very grown-up right now, responsible and totally legit. The real driving force behind our my card sending this year came when I discovered the adorable website of Rifle Paper Co. and was instantly obsessed. What they were selling, I absolutely had to have. Their stationary is not only adorable, but completely personalized and not in a way you’d expect. Its personalized using characters, drawn to look like you. How cool is this?? All you have to do is send Rifle Paper Co. a few photos to give them a better idea of what you all look like and their artists do the rest. Its brilliant.

This is the finished product and I love it. We’ve never looked cuter.

They even sketched our furry kids.

So finally, from chez Shinkins-Doyle, Merry Christmas everyone!

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