Awesome Auntie Karen

November 28, 2011

I’d waited patiently and my patience was reward this weekend when I finally got to fly to London to meet my new and adorable little niece, Emily. From the moment I landed I took complete ownership of this 9 lb bundle, playing the role of fun auntie Karen to perfection by doing everything a 6 week old loves to do, like feeding, burping, playing the silly faces and weird noises game all in the hopes of being reward with the tiniest of smiles. The less glamorous stuff like nappy/diaper changes, I left in the capable hands of her parents, cos lets be honest, poop is gross. Unfortunately my visit was short, way too short but I believe I left enough of an impact that when we meet again over the Christmas holidays in Ireland, she will absolutely remember me as her awesome auntie Karen, who let her have a half ounce more of milk and took her on her first shoe shopping experience on the bustling London highstreets.

You can already see she has amazing taste in shoe-booties.

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