Mary & Ben – Engagement

November 16, 2011

They were instant friends, introduced by mutual friends while attending the University of Georgia. They bumped into each other regularly, at the same campus parties, the same bars and sporting events. So when another friend mentioned needing 2 roommates for a house they were about to rent for the following semester and offered it to Mary and Ben, they thought “why not”. They were already friends and it would be nice to share a house with people who were comfortable and easy to get along with. However, a month of so before they were all due to move in together, Mary and Ben’s friendship took a turn for the better and suddenly they found themselves dating. Now they faced the big question of whether or not they should go ahead with the plan of living together. Obviously things between them had changed dramatically and if it didn’t work out, the living arrangement had the potential of becoming very awkward. After much conversation and analysis, they decided to risk it and wouldn’t you know, it all worked out perfectly. “Thank God“, Mary says, “otherwise it could have been a complete disaster”. She credits it all to Ben and how amazing he is, but having spent several hours with both Mary and Ben at their engagement shoot, I can tell you for sure, it was a team effort. They are an amazing couple, so respectful, so loving of each other and smart. There was no way they could have messed it up, not even if they tried.

I was incredibly excited to spend the afternoon with both of them, roaming the UGA campus, capturing some fierce engagement photos. I can’t wait for the wedding next April. Here are some of my favorites from our session.

We began at the infamous UGA arches.

Then we creeped our way around some of the older more Southern style buildings that decorate the campus.

Look at those gynormous white columns, can you say Gone with the Wind?


Such a good looking couple.

Mary, you look incredible.

And those legs, jealous.

Sell it girl.

Bringin the fierce, Ben style.

Just before sun set we ended the session strolling the Athens streets looking for a little urban decay.

6 Responses to “Mary & Ben – Engagement”

  1. Ellen says:

    Love the “urban decay” shots! Especially the shots in the alley, so cute!

  2. Drew says:

    I think Mary may have the potential for a legit modeling career

  3. Sarah Kennedy says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations Mary and Ben!

  4. Blake Jones says:

    I know of some great “urban decay” in an alley in Athens. It’s called Toppers.

    Despite your lack of shots in front of Toppers, I’m still probably going to give this set a thumbs up. Congrats, kiddos.

  5. nicola says:

    Love the white column pic …great pics karen

  6. Divya says:

    Mary is freaking hot and ben a Handsome Hunk! I agree with drew, mary can be a model for sho! Congratualtions again!

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