Jennifer blew into my life like a tornado. With an energy to rival my own, a sense of humor that was right up my street and a way of communicating that was direct and honest. She doesn’t know how to mince words. We were a match made in friendship heaven, which was helpful since we worked in close proximity for a number of years. And over those years we shared everything, EVERYTHING, including all things men and handled all of life’s challenges in the best way we knew how, by laughing at them.

Then Jennifer met Martin at a party, there was a natural comfortable connection, they talked easily and laughed, in true Jennifer style, at everything. But the timing was wrong, they were both tangled up in a web if previous relationships and were just needing space. A few months later they met again, at another party, and this time everything aligned perfectly as they found themselves sitting together in the corner of a crowded room talking, unaware of the hours slipping past and completely unaware of anyone else in the room. At last Jennifer had found her perfect man, a man who was not only attractive, but funny, who adored her and above all things, was uncomplicated.

This January Jennifer and Marty will become husband and wife in a relaxed uncomplicated ceremony on a fabulous island in the Caribbean, just the 2 of them. But to ensure she had some fierce and fabulous photos of herself and her future husband to look back on, Jennifer asked if I would take their pre-wedding wedding photos. I was beyond excited and without a seconds hesitation I said “yes” and last Sunday we got together to capture the future Mr.& Mrs. Ade.

Jennifer and Marty, words can’t express how truly happy I am for you both. I wish you all the happiness in the world and thank you for allowing me to be part of your wedding celebration by capturing both of you in all your bridal fierceness.

I love this, just a natural happy shot.

But they absolutely knew how to turn on the fierce, when it was time to turn on the fierce.


Jennifer, you are stunning.

Marty was so nervous before the shoot, the idea of being in front of the camera was not his idea of fun, so I tried to keep it relaxed by injecting more than a few inappropriate comments. And as you can see, he completely appreciates my inappropriateness.

Again, I love when I was able to capture them just being them.


Selling the legs with fabulous blue shoes.

Bam! Workin her inner Next Top Model.

And I just keep the inappropriate comments coming.

Love this, with a little peek a boo shot of downtown Atlanta.

For the second part of the shoot, Jennifer busted out the birdcage veil and in a split second she went from wow, to “WOW”

Total pros.

Hello biggest blue eyes EVER.


A perfect combination of fierce and fun.

GQ it up there Marty.

A little smizing going on here I think.


All of the future bling.

50 Responses to “Jennifer & Martin – Wedding”

  1. Stacie Jean says:

    OH. MY. WOW. wow. WOW.

    Karen, first of all your intro could not have described dear Jen more to a T. It was perfect, thoughtful and so lovely. Secondly, these pictures are truly gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful, and incredibly memorable. An absolutely wonderful capture of two amazing people who are so lucky to have found one another. I’m so blessed to know these two but you have really caught the true essence of them through pictures. Absolutely AMAZE photos. They look gorgeous!!! Ah! I’m beside myself with excitement!!

    Lots of love – Stacie Jean

  2. Martin says:

    Karen, these look amazing!
    I’m truly blown away. Thank you so much for making it a fun and painless day. I can’t imagine having our pictures taken by anyone else. You’re the best.

  3. Ashley Hanson says:

    These are amazing pictures, Karen! Jen, you look fabulous! Marty is a lucky man!

  4. Jessica hartin says:

    Karen! Soooooo beautiful! What amazing pictures!!!! they look so cute!!

  5. Connie McCallum says:

    Absolutely. Beautiful. Pictures. Beautiful pictures of 2 beautiful people.

  6. Jim says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful people. Interesting poses. I liked the black and whites. Talented artist.

  7. Marie Anne says:

    Great pictures. I would not know which to choose. Good luck with that. Love, Mom

  8. Joann Merker says:

    Karen, The pictures are beautiful. You have truly captured the beauty and spirit of Marty and Jen. I have never seen Jen look happier or more beautiful, and I know that Marty is responsible for that happiness. They are two very lucky people to have found each other.

  9. Adrian says:

    I second stacie’s comments. Jenn looks so stunning and marty looks super fly! Love looks good on ya!

    So excited!


  10. Jillian says:

    I adore this couple, I truly do. But even if I did not know them, I would be over-the-top impressed with these pictures! I love Jen’s dress, the veil, and those SHOES! Martin’s hat and outfit is just perfect. The cityscape is ideal, too. My favorite is the one of Jen walking on the ledge and they are laughing together–perfectly captures the essence of this fun couple.

    Brilliant work, Karen!

  11. Gorgeous couple and gorgeous photos!!!

  12. narissa says:

    Magnificent photos of my gorgeous friend, perfect pictures to look back on

  13. Jennifer Merker soon to be Jennifer ADE! says:

    Dearest Karen- WOW! I absolutely can’t begin to thank you enough for capturing all of these wonderful photos of me and Marty. We had a blast with you and I could not be more thrilled with how they turned out. You were such a treat and a joy to work with and your talent is just astounding! I loved working with you and I am honored to call you my friend. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being a part of our special day(s)! XOXO-jen

  14. Michelle Clough says:

    These pictures are just beautiful. Jen and Marty are just too cute together in person, and I really feel like you captured a glimpse of that. Also I love the little details like the one where it seems you are peeking threw the trees and happen upon a sweet moment. Love that. :-) . Well done!

  15. Sarah says:

    Just lovely photos! The bride, the groom, the shoes!!

  16. Sally Ezra says:

    i am absolutely speechless! WOW!!!!!!! From the story to the photos, Karen, you truly captured them! Absolutely stunning! Jennifer and Marty, you both look amazing and your love is glowing through these photos. Love you lots and so happy for you both! :)

  17. Heidi says:

    Jenny, congratulations. :) The pictures are fabulous and your new husband to be and you are so cute together. Your friend Karen did a wonderful job. So magazine-like! I’m so happy for you.

  18. Sarah Huttu says:

    Amazingly beautiful pictures! Love them all! So happy for the two of you!

  19. Alyssa Merker says:

    The pictures look absoutly amazing. Jen you look beautiful and I’m so very glad you have found someone that makes you that happy! Congratulations you guys!! Love you so much Jen…and Marty even though we haven’t met yet I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things from my family about you!! So welcome to the family Marty and congratulations to you both!! XOXO Alyssa

  20. Michelle Bank says:

    Truly beautiful pictures. Jen you look so happy and gorgeous! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together

  21. Angela says:

    Seriously!!! Absolutely beautiful! Jen & Marty, your love for each other shines through and there is a glimpse into your beautiful souls :) Hats off to Karen! It takes a talented photog to capture the true nature and spirit of people. Flawless. Incredible. I hope you are taking Karen in your luggage for the ceremony..hahahaha. Cheers and much love to you 2. XO~A

  22. Sarah Hoisington says:

    Jennifer ~ You’ve never been more lovely. Congratulations and many little babies!

  23. Patricia Gordon says:

    Absolutely fantastic!!! Jen, you look incredible and I could not be happier for you!!! These pictures are such treasures, thanks for sharing them!!

  24. Ashley says:

    Jen-you look absolutely beautiful! I am so happy for you and Marty!
    Karen-your photos are amazing :)
    <3 ash

  25. Sarah Haas says:

    What amazing snapshots of their relationship! It truly does capture their love and Jen’s personality! Jen, I am so happy for you and Marty! You deserve all the happiness in the world! Many blessings on this next chapter in your life! I know it will be full of much love and a lifetime of memories!

  26. Cait Merker says:

    The pictures are beautiful and the photographer did an amazing job! Congrats to you both.

  27. Barb Baker says:

    Great pictures – beautiful subjects. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to all!

  28. Candice says:

    Firstly, we are so happy for both of you. You pictures are magnificent. Every shot captures each of you. Jen you look gorgeous.

  29. Marianne Martin Diekewicz says:

    These are magnificent. Karen, you are blessed with a great talent. Jen from the time you were a little girl I wished for happiness such as this for you. Aren’t you glad that sometimes wishes do come true?

  30. Jon says:

    Couldnt be happier for the two of you! I love you both and am thrilled you guys have found each other, couldn’t be any better than this. Karen captured your individual personalities and live for each other perfectly. Never thought I’d see the day for Marty and couldn’t be happier to be proven wrong.

  31. Chasity says:

    LOVE these pics of Jen and fiance’. Every pixel is perfect and shows so much beauty, love and personality. Really captures the happiness these two share. Great Job. I am so excited for Jennifer!

  32. Adam says:

    LOVING these pics! Great job Karen! Jen and Marty…both of you look amazing!

  33. Wendy Walls says:

    The pics are wonderful! Jennifer is a beautiful girl inside and out. :) The pictures look so natural and just fun!

    Great job and best of luck to Jennifer and Marty!

  34. Teri says:

    Such stunning photographs!!! The colors and details just leap from the page and truly focus on how happy you guys are together. Cant wait to see more.

  35. Tuhina says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Karen, you’ve captured both their inner and outer beauty through these amazing photographs!

    Jen, I am so excited for you and Marty!

  36. Kelly says:

    Congrats! You both look so happy!!!

  37. Laurel Austin says:

    Such a fun shoot!! Jennifer is such a stunning classic beauty! I love how this feels so vintage! Wonderful photos!!

  38. Taylor Cole says:

     I love how your personalities are captured in these photos! Playful and elegant. Can’t wait to see more!

  39. Chris Cole says:

    Beautiful photographs, congratulations Jen and Marty!

  40. Jessica Austin says:

    Adios gray walls, hello wedding photos! Jen, these are amazing – I don’t know how you’re going to chose which ones to display, so you might as well have a whole wall dedicated to these shots. I am so excited for you and Marty!!

  41. Karen Shinkins says:

    Thank You so much to everyone who stopped by wishing Jennifer and Marty the best and for letting them know how utterly fierce they are. Thank you also for all the nice things that were said about my work. I truly love what I do and am lucky to work with amazing clients who make my job easy :)

  42. Kim Merker says:

    They are beautiful, you can really see a part of your personality in every picture. Mom is right, it’s the happiest we have ever seen you. We can’t wait to meet Marty!! Congratulations and Good Luck!!

  43. Zach Hanson says:

    This coup;e looks… stunning! Start reproducing immediately. Its your duty to the world!

  44. Kathryn Clark says:

    LOVE IT!!! Great work Karen! Jen and Marty look amazing!!

  45. Melissa says:

    Beautiful pics! So happy for you, two!!

  46. Rob Knight says:

    You guys look great… Congratulations!

  47. Amy Merker Campbell says:

    Wow! I love your pictures!!! Jen, it’s been a very long time, but my spunky little cousin has grown into such a beautiful woman!! You & Marty look so happy!! All the best & many years of happiness!!
    Can’t wait to see & hear more!!

  48. Shauna says:

    These pictures are stunning!! Jennifer is an amazing woman. Marty is a lucky guy. You two make a beautiful couple. Lots of love to you both on your upcoming wedding. I have no doubt that it will be perfect!!

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