“Slow As Molasses”

October 24, 2011

I’ve been using this phrase forever. I throw it around when I’m in a big fat hurry and overly frustrated with the lack of pace demonstrated by my fellow man. But I’m embarrassed to admit I actually had no idea what a molasses was and never really thought much about it until a friend called me out last week. At which point I was forced to admit I was using a phrase, for years now, with absolutely zero comprehension of its meaning. Deep thinkers everywhere be warned, your jobs are safe, Shinks is not a threat. Red faced by my lack of smarts, I immediately hit up the fountain of all knowledge, Google, to get an answer to the age old question of what the hell a molasses is anyway. And now I know, I felt confident throwing the word around when today, for some ungodly reason, as I sat down to edit my latest wedding, my computer began operating at the speed of molasses. On top of that I was unable to tune into the Irish radio station I enjoy as background noise to my hours spent editing because of website construction. Grrrrrr. I’m on the verge of a serious overreaction. Best if I distract myself with a sneak peek photo of the wedding I’ll be sharing with y’all later this week.

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