Happy Ending

October 20, 2011

Wilson has a new home. He’s packed up his leash (the 1 out of 5 he didn’t chew through) and doggie bowl and he has found himself an amazing new family. Its a bitter sweet moment for The Husband and I and I’m not gonna lie and say there wasn’t a small tear shed, cos there was, but seeing how well Wilson took to his new family, and how excited everyone was to have him, really helped lessen the tinge of loss we were both feeling. Wilson will be spoilt, we know that for sure and on top of that his new home is less than 6 miles away, so he, Dexter and Crookie can still meet up for regular play-dates at the doggie park.

A happy ending for our little Wilson. Oh and P.S, his new family is going to keep his name :)

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