A Million Pieces

September 30, 2011

I’m shooting a wedding this weekend, very excited about that, in Statesboro, GA. But while I’m shooting the wedding, I’m also suppose to be attending a wedding in Connecticut, picking my parents up from the airport (they’re coming to visit for 10 days), figuring out the itinerary of events for the duration of their stay (yes, I’m a planner. I plan fun) as well as give the house a good Merry Maid going over. Obviously this is all not going to happen, unless I figure out a good cloning system by tomorrow, Plan A,  but failing that I do have a Plan B, which is to outsource my life for the weekend. While I shoot the wedding in Statesboro, The Husband will attend the wedding in Connecticut on both our behalf’s. I have taken advantage of a bestfriend’s generosity and outsourced the airport collection of my parents to him. The itinerary of planned events will have to stay where for now, on hold in my head until I can figure out a time to get it on hard copy, and the house cleaning? Ough! That I’m trying to tackle today, its not going well. I need me a cocktail of energy. Something like a Red Bull, a 5 Hour Energy, a Gatorade and an expresso all sloshed together in a shakin but not stirred manner, to keep me operating on full throttle for the entire weekend.

And if life wasn’t challenging enough right now, I have a story to share about this little guy, just not right now. There’s cleaning to be done.

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