Her dad recounted the story. Shane made a phone call asking Jennifer’s parents to dinner. He sounded nervous. Man to man, Jennifer’s dad knew what was about to happen but his wife disagreed with his theory. At dinner everybody chatted awkwardly about sports, weather and business, dancing around the real reason they were all there. Eventually with sweaty palms rubbing his legs nervously, Shane plucked up the courage to ask both Jennifer’s parents for permission to marry their daughter. Jennifer’s dad remained silent for what seemed like an eternity. He did it deliberately. He wanted to torture Shane. Make him suffer a little. This was his baby girl after all, there was no way he was giving her up easily, not without first issuing some serious threats of heavy handed tactics should Shane ever do anything to hurt his daughter. Them, with the Godfather speech out of the way, Jennifer’s dad was free to express his true appreciation and joy that his little girl had found herself a perfect match. A man who would love and take care of her in way she deserved, but more importantly, a man who made her happy. In the end, he gave his permission. And this past weekend, in the truly southern city of Savannah, in a dress of designer lace and shoes of blue, Jennifer glided down the aisle on the arm of her father towards her perfect match, who stood beaming with barely containable excitement a the sight of his stunning bride.

Jennifer and Shane, I have been honored to call you friends. To see your relationships progress from Jennifer’s confession of having a secret crush on Shane. To her being brave enough to make the first move. To Shane’s proposal and finally, to your wedding day. It’s been an even bigger honor to have been the one to document this special day and I wish you only the best in your lives together. P.S thank you for saving the first slice of cake for me. Your good great friends.

A little behind the scenes info. While Jennifer got a head start on hair and make-up, Gianne (my 2nd shooter) and I grabbed her dress and shoes and took to the streets of Savannah looking for the perfect spot to photograph both. And I think we found it.

Then we raced back to the salon to grab some shots of hair and make-up prep.

Jennifer’s mom helps her into her stunning dress.

Blue suede shoes.

The grooms room.

The beaming groom.

Whitefield Chapel.

I can’t remember what the joke was, but I love Shane’s hearty response.

Mr & Mrs.

I love this shot Gianne captured from a balcony above the exiting couple.

Jennifer’s parents are the first to congratulate the newlyweds.

The back of the church had this huge window and small staircase that let in the most amazing light. I just couldn’t resist getting Jennifer in front of it.

Shane in his own window light.

Spanish moss is everywhere in Savannah. It made for an amazing backdrop to the happy couples photos.

Jennifer, you are radiant.

Shane, I won’t say radiant cos its kinda girlie, but dashing is all man.

Jennifer your killing me in this photo. Stunning.

Again with the stunning.

Of course we have to get a shot of the blue shoes.

Workin it!

Lovin it!

The bouquet that almost didn’t make it, long story.

I just love this photo.

The cake.

While I was capturing shots of the father/daughter dance…….

…Gianne snapped this photo of Jennifer’s mother as she watched her daughter and husband dance together.

Jennifer and Shane’s first dance.

For even more Jennifer and Shane fierceness CLICK HERE for slideshow.

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    Karen, these are amazing!! Love the dress. :)

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    Karen, These are beautiful! So many treasured moments! It was so fun working with you!

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    Beautiful pictures. You captured Jen’s personality so well! It was a wonderful wedding.

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