Behind The Scenes

August 29, 2011

Usually when I attend photography workshops, I regress back to my days as a competitive professional athlete. My adrenaline is pumping with excitement and nervous energy. My vision is tunnel and I’m in the total zone as I listen with intent and ride the highs and lows that go along with learning any new skill set. Sometimes you nail it, and other times, you bomb, bad. This pervious workshop as we moved in rotation, taking turns to pose our models, set up the various lighting equipment and capture our shots, I got the opportunity to step back and get some behind-the-scenes images. Obviously I wasn’t able to shoot images of myself in action, but each time I’d completed my own pose and capture challenge, I took a minute to snag a few behind-the-scenes shots of the other photographers working their lighting magic. Its kinda cool, for me at least, and it gives you a little sneak peak into the goings on from our side of the camera.

Here we have the wonderful Brett Jarnagin (right) giving some guidance and advice to my new friend and fellow photographer, Bradley (left).

On the left is fellow workshop attendee and also new friend, Enrique and to be honest, I actually snapped this photo by accident. I was testing the equipment and my camera settings right before I set about capturing the image below.

This is what the above set up lead me to capture.

Again Bradley is working his mad skills on our model Billy and this will give up an idea of what went into my capturing……..

……..this image.

Change of location, change of model and a look at what went into my nailing……..

………this image.

Same model, different location and an unflattering shot of Craig getting down and dirty to get his shot. I fortunately did not have to spread eagle in my efforts to capture……….

………this image.

Brett teaches us how to incorporate a glowing night sky, which led to me being able to snap……..

……..this image.

And that’s it. A little tour of the photographic antics and behind-the-scenes action of the Brett Jarnagin workshop.

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