The Wet Look

August 23, 2011

The heavens opened up with absolutely no warning. In a matter of seconds we went from rock splitting sun and heat, to rain’s of a monsoon and biblical proportions. Thinking we were the smart ones, “it’ll all blow over soon”, we took shelter under the town centre band-stand and watched with amusement as stampede’s of people squeaked and sprinted past trying to make it to their cars or nearby coffee shops. But we remained where we were, confident that we had all the coverage and protection we needed right there under the our band-stand. And we would have, had the rain decided to fall straight down like any civilized monsoon should, but instead what we got was a rebel rain that bombarded us from all angles, mocking and spitting in our faces and we constantly tried to pivot and position ourselves away from its gale and force. But it was pointless and eventually my friend Gianne and I adopted the “ah feck it” attitude by letting go, whipping out the cameras and just enjoying the whole miserable experience.

A group of kids from the local dance studio decide to make a run for it.

Our new friends who shared the shelter of the band-stand.

Soaked to the skin and at their wet tolerance limit, our new friends gather up their doggies and prepare to make a break for it.

I snapped these photos of Gianne rocking her best wet look minutes after surviving the storm.

And she was sweet enough to return the favor by capturing me in all my soaking glory.

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