Am keeping a low profile today. The mood is not good and I find myself getting easily irritated. Best to stay out of peoples way. I’ve diagnosed myself as Sleep Deprived, due to, well, a serious lack of sleep and a noted number of incidences that if referenced in a medical journal, would all fall under the diagnosis of “Sleep Deprivation” . For example:

* Symptoms: Concealing the bejeezuz out of your under-eye bags and dark circles no longer works and now, depending on the light, people are confusing you for a washed up old drag queen or Snooki from Jersey Shore. Diagnosis: Sleep Deprivation.

* Symptoms: Your brain begins sending mixed messages to your taste-buds. Your drinking coffee. You never drink coffee. You just had breakfast but now your craving chocolate fondue with chicken nuggets for dipping. You go on a manhunt for peanut butter to spread on your bagel. But wait, your Irish. Irish people hate peanut butter. Diagnosis: Sleep Deprivation, or after all these years, possible Americanization.

* Symptoms: Leaving your dirty dishes in the sink, when you never leave your dirty dishes in the sink. In fact, its a huge pet peeve and you get irrationally irritated by those who do. But somehow the extra steps of open, load and close the dishwasher are too much to bear and secretly you pray the dishes will 1. wash themselves or 2. sprout the tiny legs necessary to walk themselves to the dishwasher. Diagnosis: Sleep Deprivation.

* Symptoms: The Husband is talking. You have no idea what he’s saying, all you know is his words sound heavy, enough to make your eyelids want to close and you can’t stop wondering if the t-shirt he’s wearing is so old that time wore away at the printed image? Or, was it deliberately designed to look vintage/shabby chic? Diagnosis: Sleep Deprivation, or possible ADD.

* Symptoms: Exhaustion gives you the giggles. Your laughing hysterically at your own off-the-wall statements and randomly poking people in the ribs, cos who among us doesn’t love that? WARNING: this type of situation ALWAYS ends in tears, yours, and can result in actual pain and/or injury. Diagnosis: Sleep Deprivation.

* Symptoms: You fall on your knees wailing, arms stretched upward, like the poster to 1980’s Vietnam movie, Platoon, shaking your head from side to side in slow motion as you mouth the words “whhhhhhhy”, all because The Husband ate the last of your Special K and didn’t recycle the box. Diagnosis: Sleep Deprivation or possible Girl Interrupted.

* Symptoms: the weight of your own head, arms and legs, the physical act of chewing your own food make you want to quit the day and take a good long nap. Diagnosis: Sleep Deprivation and/or severe vitamin steroid deficiency.

In an effort to brighten up my day and help celebrate the almost start of Football season here in the US, I thought it would be a fun and cute idea to dress the boys up in their New England Patriots (The Husband’s team) football jersey’s. But alas my little boys are little no more. They were all but busting out of their wee jersey’s and struggled to move. As a result my photos are neither fun nor cute and make my boys look like they belong on a Humane Society commercial, music score by Sarah McLachlan.

Not since his time at the shelter has Crookie looked this miserable.

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  1. Crystal says:

    bless their heart, love these pictures and blog! :)

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Hey Crystal, good to hear from you. Hope all is fabulous with you and Hunter XO

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