11 Years of Hanging Out

July 26, 2011

It was our first “official” date. At least I think it was a date. He called and asked if I wanted to “hang out“. I said “yes” cos I liked him, but honestly, not familiar with the term, I had no idea what I’d just said yes to.  I called a friend of mine to get her thoughts. “He asked if I wanted to “hang out”. What the hell does that mean? Are we just going to sit on a wall, swing our legs and talk or are we actually going to do something. Furthermore, what does one wear to “hangout” ?” Two days later a nervous Irish girl and shy American boy, walked the streets of Dublin, searching for a restaurant to “hangout” on their first official date.

I ordered a salad, minus the onions. Needed to keep the breath fresh, you know,  just in case, wink wink. He ordered a salad WITH onions. My thoughts? Well thats a bold statement and his way of letting me know there’ll be zero chance of any lip action for us this evening. We were obviously just friends. Boooooo Hisssss. Guess I can drop the act of trying to be all cute and nice and just go ahead and be real, potty mouth and all. He’s obviously not that into me. But after dinner, as we strolled the Dublin Quays on the banks of the river Liffey, and paused on Millenium Bridge for a little witty banter, I got the distinct feeling I was about to be kissed. I waited and waited, reading into every word he said and trying to interpret his body language. Any second now, wait for it……..but nothing. Damn, he’s really not that into me. I gave up. Feeling foolish and deflated I suggested we just go. In my 1998 Peugeot 204 I drove him to the friends he was staying with while in Ireland. I pulled up outside the house expecting nothing more than a “thank you” and “goodnight”. But he lingered and the possibility of a kiss was alive again.

That was 11 years ago today and I can’t even believe it. Every detail of that evening is still so fresh and vivid. It could just as easily have been last week. What’s even more surprising is that I managed to find a man who volunteered to not only “hangout” with me for the past 11 years, but who signed up to continue “hangingout” together for the rest of our lives. Poor Paul :)

Happy First Sober Kiss Anniversary The Husband!

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  1. Saadia Me*Chel says:

    This is so sweet!

  2. Diane says:

    That was beautiful! That husband is a real keeper!!!

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