Good Times Dude

July 24, 2011

I power-walked with a purpose. I was running late, but with my phone stuck to one ear I talked just as fast as I walked, letting my waiting friends know I was on the way. “Go ahead and order me a glass of Riesling and the fried green tomatoes. I’m more than 5 but less than 10 minutes away.” As I hung up, about 5 meters ahead, I noticed a man staring at me. I stared back, but only long enough to figure out if I knew the dude. Once I established I didn’t, it became my mission to avoid eye-contact until I had safely past. But as we drew level I heard him ask, “you know what you should take a photo of?” Huh? Was he talking to me? I was confused, then I realized I was still holding my camera and since there was no-one else behind me, he must be talking to me. “Jimi Hendrix” he said, with a smile and a slow nod of the head. “What a great idea“, I said “but I’m pretty sure that opportunity has passed“. “Not so” he said confidently as he pointed to the vintage clothing store behind him, and there hanging just inside the doorway, was a huge poster of Jimi Hendrix. “You know, I went to see him at that concert in Stuttgart, Germany” again this sentence was delivered with a smile and slow nod of the head, like his brain had just transported him back to the 1969 concert and once again he was a high and youthful hippy. “Wow, good times dude“. Yes, I really said that. Don’t ask me why, I was caught up in the moment, it felt right. And so did obliging my new dude friend with a photo of his poster. He swears it will be worth a lot someday and I didn’t disagree. I didn’t have time to, I was already late for dinner, but now at least I had a valid excuse. I was late cos I was shooting Jimi Hendrix.

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