Derval & Berlino

July 18, 2011

We’d talked about it 2 days prior, Derval and I were planning a day together lunching, shopping and catching up on each others lives over the past few months. Derval and I have a long history. During my years on the Irish track team, we were serial roomies. Every meet, every country we travelled, we roomed together. And even though I have long since retired my professional spikes and set up home in another country, while Derval continues to fly the Irish flag and rack up record breaking performances along with European and World Championship medals for Ireland, we have still managed to remain best friends. So a trip back to Ireland without getting the opportunity to hang with my BFF, would be just unthinkable. And since the weather last week was proving to be nothing but sunshine and happiness, we decided to include a mini photo-shoot with Derval and her adorable little labradoodle, Berlino as part of the days plan.

But as I’ve said before, the only predictable thing about Irish weather, is its unpredictability and wouldn’t you know the day of our big plans, was the day the rain decided to show. But we were not disheartened, not in the least. We powered on with the plan, driving the narrow country roads of Wicklow waiting for a break in the rain. As soon as that happened, we immediately pulled over, climbed a fence into some random field and under threatening clouds of gray, I shot fast and furiously. There was no telling how much time we had before the rain returned, so things had to move a warp speed as we all got down and dirty in the wet grass. But there were no complaints, everyone was up for the challenge, especially Berlino who thought the whole thing was very exciting.

And here is little Berlino.

Berlino is such an obedient dog, honestly, my 2 could really learn something from her.

Cutie, cute.

Always with her tongue out.

See, I told you she was obedient.

Berlino is a Cork dog at heart, just like Derval, which means she’s very into hurling (traditional Gaelic game) so she was pretty excited to see the sliotar (ball) come out.

Then Derval produced the hurl and it was game on.

Berlino brings the sliotar back for more fun.

Then shows off her agility skills.

One of the final shots of the day, taken seconds before another downpour.

3 Responses to “Derval & Berlino”

  1. Derval and berlino says:

    We love them. They are amazing. They turned out so well. Delighted with them. They are definitely going on the wall. By the way berlino has a twitter so she may tweet a link to them later!!!!!!! @berlinolabradoo.
    Thanks my lovely,
    Derv x

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    YAY! So glad you love em. Under intense precipitation pressure, we pulled it off. Champions, all of us.

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