Out With The Old

June 30, 2011

It was my first “professional” lens and for a long time it was my only lens. The Canon 24-70mm 2.8. When I bought it I felt legit, like a real photographer. I loved it and the images I was able to deliver using it. Over the past year and a half however, my shooting style has evolved and as I began to invest in new lenses, I started to reach for my 24-70mm less and less and finally not at all. But I couldn’t let it go. I continued to pack it in my equipment bag. It was my security blanket. If I ever got in a pinch, I knew I could trust it to deliver.

Over the past few months I thought constantly about selling it and investing the money in to a new lens. A lens that I would use regularly and one that was proving to be a necessity with each wedding I shot. But I just couldn’t bring myself to let it go. Finally, 2 weeks ago after struggling through some detail images at a wedding I was shooting for my friend Tessa, I decided now was the time to cut the apron strings. I needed a marco lens much more than I needed the security of carrying around my 24-70mm. So scary and all as it felt, I sold it. Now I know technically this scary deed happened a couple of weeks ago, but today was the day I reaped the benefits of my bold decision with the arrival of 2 new lenses. The Canon macro 100mm 2.8 which is going to be amazing for capturing the details of a wedding dress, bouquet and of course wedding rings. And the 24mm 2.8, which is perfect for wider angled images. Sad and all as I was to let my 24-70mm go, I have to admit, I’m less sad now that I have these 2 bad boys in my arsenal of equipment. Scary decision to let go of an old friend? Check.

I took the marco for a test drive today by photographing my own engagement ring and eternity band. And can I just say, I LOVE IT.

My 2 new bad boys.

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