All Things Mechanical

June 28, 2011

I don’t deal with car issues, or I do, but not really. When I say “deal” what I really mean is I tell The Husband when there’s a problem and he takes it from there. Cars at a mechanical level scare me. I don’t speak the language and there’s a big chance if asked, I’d tell the mechanic the noise coming from my car is as a result of a malfunctioning flux capacitor. To which he would understandably raise an eyebrow.

But since its “Scary Week” and my car has been giving me some issues in the electronics department, I decided not to wait until The Husband gets back on Friday to have these issues resolved, but to go ahead and put all my fear and anxiety aside, make the call to the garage, succumb to their mechanical cross examination and do my damnedest not to sound like a complete and utter flake. After playing the avoidance game for a good hour or so, I finally made the call, survived the barrage of technical questions and set up an appointment to take my car in tomorrow. Scary phone call to car mechanic? Check. Pause for victory dance.

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