Eat Cake

June 25, 2011

“I’ll just skim a little off the side, nothing more than a millimeter. He’ll never know and I’ll satisfy my chocolate craving, its a total win-win”. What I wasn’t expecting was a cake so moist, luxurious and chocolatey, with a layer of frosting that was just the right combination of sweet and creamy. Who was I kidding, that millimeter wasn’t gonna satisfy anyone, especially a girl with a beast of an addiction for all things chocolate, I’d definitely have to take a smidgen more, but thats it, then its cake away, back in the fridge where you belong. But unfortunately that wasn’t it. 10 more return visits to the fridge and 10 smidgen’s later we are looking at a half devoured birthday cake. And not my birthday cake. No, it was my bestfriends. Due to his own lack of will power and severe addiction to sugar, he’d been keeping the cake in my fridge so he wouldn’t be tempted to eat it all at once. For some bazaar reason, he thought his cake was safer in my hands. As my Leaving Cert English teacher would say “thats an example of irony girls, underline it”.

After a miniature panic attack, a brain racing with many a fabricated explanation and the urge to drive the bakeries of Atlanta in search of a replacement cake, I stopped. He’s gonna know it was me, so why was a I wasting my creative juices and my gas trying to cover up the blatantly obvious? Instead I would offer up the truth, with a side of cupcake and a bottle of wine. Guaranteed the situation would get funnier with each glass.

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