Fightin Irish

May 28, 2011

I was simply trying to nudge my cart past her cart. It was just myself and herself in this particular aisle, but her cart was angled in such as manner as to blockade the flow of any and all oncoming shoppers. First I thought she didn’t notice me as she intently grazed the shelves for something very specific, so with a smile and in a very friendly and apologetic tone I said “excuse me“. To my utter shock the lady turned and cut me a look that made me wonder if I’d just asked her if she eats small babies on a regular basis or for special occasions only? She was angry, hostile and offended. Not only that, she completely ignored my request and went back to scanning the shelves. I couldn’t believe it. I looked around to make sure 1. I was actually in a public supermarket and not grazing the aisles of this women’s private home and 2. to see if I could get a witness to what just happened, cos I was having trouble processing her reaction. I made the request again, but this time there was no smile and no friendly, apologetic tone, there was only my “oh no you di’int” face and my “I want you to ignore me again” tone. This women obviously had no idea I’m Irish, we specialize in fighting. Again she cut me a look and I responded with a look of my very own. We were in the midst of a face off. I was not backing down. I could face off all day if she wanted. I’m an athlete, I have endurance. We stood there, eyes locked for what felt like forever. Tumble weeds blew past as small children took cover in nearby saloons to watch through cracked shutters. My hands were firm on my cart, my body language was solid, she knew she couldn’t win and eventually she surrendered by moving her cart, just barley enough for me to squeeze past. So rude. So unnecessary and so set me up in a bad state of mind for the rest of my shopping experience.

Once I got home I was left to deal with a hostile Crookie. Seriously, what’s with everyone today? He refused to play, refused to eat treats and turned his head every time I tried to talk to him. Men! Thankfully by evening he managed to pull himself out of his dark mood and rejoined his brother Dexter, in chasing the local squirrel population.

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