Halloween 2020

November 1, 2020

It was a Minecraft/Ocean Halloween combo for the family this year. Keane was Steve, a character from Minecraft and Daddy was dressed in his best Diamond Armor. Cullen and I teamed up to represent all things ocean. For the 3rd year in a row, Cullen was a shark and I was a squid. Although my squid head was channeling big Bishop hat vibes. So mostly I referred to myself and Her Holiness Bishop Squid. We celebrated with our good friend Bryson and his family. Although Trick or Treating was a little weird this year, fewer kiddos out and about, candy placed on tables for the picking. We were really just glad the kids got to Trick or Treat at all.

Family shot.

Steve from Minecraft.

The shark.

Brother hugs!

Off to our friend Bryson’s house for some backyard preTrick or Treating fun.

Mmmmm1 Marshmallows.

Definitely roasted.

Bryson’s marshmallow was enflamed.

My little artist.

Time to get the costumes on.

Keane wanted a picture with Bryson’s lawn pumpkin.

The face of a child who is over having his picture taken.

Ready to get some candy.

Time to knock on the doors and get the candy.

In the name of social distancing, most houses set up tables with candy.

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