Giddy Up

August 8, 2020

Despite pandemic life, we are still managing to have a pretty good summer. In our efforts to keep social distance and avoid any kind of indoor activity, the boys are getting to try out some new things. Cullen is a huge animal lover and on our trips back to Ireland a good friend of mine who owns a riding school (shout out to Nicola), would always make time for the boys to stop by and she would put them through some intense riding lessons. Cullen took to the riding very easily and comfortably, so this year we signed him up for his first riding camp. And he loved it. The final day of the camp, all the kids put on a display of their newly learned skills for all of us proud parents.

The helmet strap struggle is real people.

Cullen and his horse Gizmo.

Up and ready to ride.

Proud little face.

Waiting patiently in line to show us his skills.

Keeping control of the horse and his balance for the ring placement challenge.

Horsey soccer.

The fans, Daddy & Keane.

Daddy making sure to get some video memories.

A medal for amazing riding skills. Well done Cullen!

Some of the amazing camp instructors and Cullen, still beaming over his medal.

Of course we had to get a photo of both boys with Gizmo.

Cullen made a new bestie at the camp too.

One very happy little cowboy.

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