Clients & Friends

May 25, 2011

It was after midnight by the time I got home. Not an ungodly hour, but way past my usual bedtime of somewhere around 10pm, and on a school night too. I should have been tired, yawning and struggling to think, but I was hyper to the point that my husband, my friend and my doggies all thought I was drunk. I danced like I was drunk, made up songs that didn’t rhyme or follow a coherent trail of thought, and I won’t stop blabbing about the wonderful evening I just spent up in the Georgia mountains and out on the Georgia lakes with the sweetest, most welcoming and thoughtful couple ever. And even though I’m still very much in the early days of my photography business, I have to admit, I’ve been so unbelievably lucky that each and every one of my clients to date, have been nothing short of amazing. I even hesitate to write the word client, cos honestly, they feel more like friends. And yesterday I spent the evening shooting the engagement session of 2 more friends, Melissa and Kevin, in the small picturesque town of Hiawassee up in the North Georgia mountains. I can’t wait to share some of their images, but for now you’ll just have to enjoy this little sneak peak.

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