Over the weekend Keane celebrated his 8th Birthday. And because there is nothing normal about the year 2020, this birthday celebration was a little different. His friends marked the day by doing a Birthday Drive-By. A parade of some of his best little friends driving by with decorated cars, waving, blowing blowers, popping poppers and spraying him with silly spray. So much fun and excitement and Keane felt like a pretty big deal. Its definitely a birthday he won’t forget, ever. A type of birthday non-celebration celebration.

We had the driveway birthday ready.

The birthday boy and here comes the lead car.

After that, they just kept on coming. Gifts were passed out and Keane & Cullen passed small “Thank You” gifts into the cars of each of their friends.

Both Keane & Cullen looked like little Lord Mayors of the parade.

Keane had no idea, but as a surprise we rented a water slide and invited a few friends over for a small party. He hadn’t seen these friends in 3 months. He was so surprised and excited.

Cullen really enjoyed the surprise too.

So good to play with our friends again.

And because we are deep in the Minecraft phase of childhood, there had to be a Minecraft cake.

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