All has been quiet on the blog front the past 2 weeks. Let me tell you why. My computer got hit with a pandemic of its own. A virus that took it down. Crashed it. There is never an ideal time for a computer to freeze, fail or crash, and I really tried not to panic, despite the fact that I had 2 very time sensitive photoshoots waiting to be edited. As calmly as I could, I reached out to the people of Apple to get an appointment ASAP. I managed to get a same day appointment. Brought my MAC in. Left it in their technically smart hands for a few hours, only to eventually receive the news that it was beyond repair. Ahhh! Ugh! WTF 2020?? Is there no good news planned for this year?? Anyway, long story short, I had to get a new computer but now all of my software, including my editing programs are either lost or not working. So that sucks. But listen, first world problems I know.

On the lockdown front, we are still trucking along. With each passing week I get a little more desperate for ideas and activities to keep the boys happy and entertained. Beware a desperate mother, who knows what dumb awesome project she’ll come up with in the name of killing an afternoon. This particular afternoon I set the boys up for a little “Paint Ball Smash”. But just like everything when it comes to kids, it never plays out the way you expect.

The set up. Tarp to protect the driveway. Paint balls separated by color. Boys are armed with mallets. Boys are wearing safety glasses (cos safety is no accident).

Let the smashing begin!

This was so satisfying/therapeutic.

Look out kitty! You are right in the middle of the danger zone.

Such a pretty looking mess. In my mind I had plans to let their messy creations dry. Then I was going to frame and hang them in their room.

This is what the boys thought about my plan. They basically middle fingered the entire idea by marching barefoot across the boards.

Paint ball mountain climbers, as demonstrated by Keane.

Cullen is only delighted with himself.

Things are getting very slippery.

Man down.

And couldn’t be happier.

Law and order is gone and we are just dumping paintballs everywhere.

Another man down.

Kids are only happy when things are really messy.

Of course it was only a matter of time before they were throwing paint balls are each other.

Ta-Dah! And lets all be terrified by the notion that this might not be my worst entertainment idea during this time of lockdown.

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