For The Love

May 23, 2011

I was on my knees, from a distance some might think I was in the midst of bowing in evening worship to Allah, but up close the story was very different. I was hurting, trying to catch my breath and figure out if the pain was any less when I moved or when I remained still. My hamstrings cried out, burning and aching like they’d each just taken a bullet. My stomach was delicate to say the least. It too burned and threatened to empty its contents all over the track if I dared to stand up a second too soon. And my head, well that was mere seconds away from pounding. I was in a no win situation, so I decided to remain exactly as I was, face down on the track, making random noises not unlike those of a wounded animal and begging my training partner Mike, to “shoot me now. For the love of all that is humane, lets just end this”.  But his condition was no better than mine, in fact, judging by the projectile puking sound effects coming from behind me, his condition was worse.

Its been a rough couple of weeks training, and I’d be lying if I said the thoughts of pace-making retirement didn’t cross my mind. In the midst of all that is lactic, projectile, bile, booty lock and double hamstring hell, the idea of retirement was the only thing on my mind. But being that I am just over a week away from a whirlwind of travel and pace-making, retirement is not an option. The only option is exactly where I am, face down in a pool of my own lactic, trying hard not to puke. This is what it takes to hit times. This is the ugly truth. This, as strange as it sounds, is what I love.

And from the ugly, to the absolutely stunning, here are a few photos from Crystal & Hunter’s wedding, which I shot with my good friend Tessa last week. Crystal was absolutely breathtaking and those blue eyes, to die for.

As we drove from the church to the reception, we spotted an amazing hay field and couldn’t resist pulling over for a few photos.

After a horrendous thunderstorm, the clouds parted and the sky was just ablaze of color from the setting sun. We absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to shoot in some of the most amazing light nature has to offer.

Love. It

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