The Hunt

April 19, 2020

Not as chaotic an egg hunt as previous years. Corona has made everything different. But we made sure the boys got to enjoy an Easter Sunday hunt, despite the current restrictions. Not the typical stampede of a herd of hunting kids, but a smaller crowd means more eggs for all the little hunters.

Cullen and his buddy Ashton, hot on the trail of eggs.

Eggs in the bucket and Ashton has spotted some more.

Cullen found a haven of eggs hiding in the bushes.

Keane too.

Cheers to Easter eggs!

Minutes into the hunt and Keane’s bucket is already at capacity.

Ashton’s little brother Julian is not as fast as the big boys, but he’s finding the low down stashes.

Thrilled with what they’ve found so far.

A bucket full. A chin full and a handful.

A hunters “show and tell”.

Still more eggs to be found.

Julian is pretty impressed with Keane’s collection.

A little help from Daddy and Julian spots an egg way up in the tree.

The gang.

Oops! Julian lost control of his eggs.

Keane had to get himself an overflow bucket he’d found so many.

Well done to our little group of hunters.

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