Weird Week

April 13, 2020

Its been a weird week. Technically the kids were on their Spring Break. In a non-corona world, that would mean a week off school and the opportunity for us to go somewhere or do something as a family. But this is currently not that world. So all it meant was another week at home, but the boys did get the week free from school work. Which in my opinion made life a little bit harder. We typically do school work up until lunch time, then the rest of the day is free for activities, phone calls and chats with their friends, a walk, a bike ride and of course the crowd favorite, Minecraft. Missing the morning of school work meant a much longer day of me trying to keep them busy and occupied. But like everything else right now, we made it through.

We also made sure to keep the Easter based activities going, despite the fact that nothing is normal right now. At least if we keep making the effort to celebrate life, even in small ways, it helps keep the spirits up and everyone ploughing forward.

Easter chicks! We got to meet and hold some brand new baby chicks.

Too cute.

Decorating our Easter Tree. Can’t say this was a crowd favorite. Both the boys had been asking for screen time, but it was such a gorgeous day that it felt illegal for them to be stuck inside playing games. So, this was my solution. Keane got into it a bit, as you can see from Cullen’s face, he was allergic.

Either way, Ta-Dah! Here is the Easter tree.

Just before Easter we did the traditional egg dyeing. This I always make an outside activity. Its messy AF

Lots of hard boiled eggs waiting to be dyed all kinds of pretty colors.

Some of the eggs got a little extra sparkle with some glittery paint.


Not easy getting a together shot. Lots of messing.

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