New Normal

April 5, 2020

Week 3 of lockdown compete and I thought I’d share a few photos of our new normal.

FaceTiming with friends is the new playdate and social life.

These kids can chat for hours. My phone has become their (the boys) phone and the only time I get it back in my possession, is when the battery has died.

Part of Cullen’s homeschooling work has been rocks. Learning about different types of rocks, formation of rocks and of course, decorating rocks. Keane wanted in on this rock painting project.

Spring, another topic Cullen has been learning so much about the past few weeks. One of his assignments was to take a walk outside to look, listen, feel and smell the signs of Springs. We found flowers to smell, we heard the birds singing loud and proud, we felt the Spring rain and we saw all the leaves growing back on the trees.

Cullen had some of his classes via Zoom. So nice to see the teachers and his little classmates.

Keane also had a couple of his classes over Zoom too.

Someone was really enjoying their geometry work. Building a cube using marshmallows and sticks. That also doubled as a snack.

Ant biology by Cullen. And yes, he drew the ant himself. He’s got serious drawing skills.

Someone who likes to show up in the midst of our school work is Boston. He helped Keane with a 3D assignment and had Cullen multitasking his school work with belly rubs.

On the weekend we took our self-isolation to the lake.

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