Photo Bouncing

March 31, 2020

There’s going to be a bit of bouncing around of photos over the next week or so. Photo I didn’t get around to sharing from our pre-quarantined life and of course photos from some of the things we’re getting up to during this period of quarantine.

Lets go back to this day, a week before the world was forced into quarantine and it was “World Book Day” at Cullen’s school. That day he got to go to school dressed as a character from one of his favorite books. Cullen chose “Pete the Cat” and here he is, rocking it in his red shoes.

You can tell he was really feeling his costume.

Photo-bombed by his big brother.

With that leap I feel like Keane has tapped into an undiscovered classical dance talent.

As always, things end up in a game of pulling and wrestling.

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