Doing The Pumpkin Prep Work.

October 29, 2019

Halloween prep in full swing. The pumpkins are getting carved and the boys are counting down to Thursday. No surprises at what Cullen wanted carved on his pumpkin. But before we carve, we must gut.

The guts of a pumpkin never fail to surprise and gross them out.

A shark for Cullen’s pumpkin. Oh and that cute little kitty on the right, is the newest addition to the family. I’ll introduce the little fella soon.

Keane getting stuck into his pumpkin project.

More guts.

Through the magic of Google, I found these pumpkin stencils online and printed them off to make our craving lives easier.

Lots of deep thoughts and important pumpkin decisions to be made.

Working the lines.

Keane went with a “How to Train your Dragon” pumpkin. Carving himself a little Toothless.

The focus is real.

The curious cat.

Cullen making great strides with his. I may have helped a little, but he was adamant that I not do the fins. Only he alone be responsible for the carving of the fins.

Ta-Dah! Cullen’s is done. Keane’s still a work in progress. But we’ll make sure its ready for the big night.

And on the Eve of Halloween, the pumpkins are done.

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