Tis The Season For Lacrosse

October 23, 2019

This is the final week of Fall lacrosse for Keane. And its been a busy one. The team practices 2 evenings each week and has a game, sometimes 2, every weekend. ¬†Thats a big commitment for a team of 6 and 7 yr olds, at least in my opinion. Not to mention a big commitment for the team Momma’s who juggle many, many, many balls which may include dinner dining in the car en route to practice cos the end of your youngest’s art class, cuts it very close to lacrosse practice time. Yes, the whole dog and pony show hits the road several evenings a week. And while your head spins trying to remember all of the bits each of your children will need for all of their post school activities, you inevitably end up forgetting something and the child/owner of the forgotten something, has the nerve to act like their life is over and you as their mother, are nothing but a failure and a constant disappointment. I mean I should have known it was the his new “defense type Beyblade” he wanted to show his teammate and not the “explosive attack mode Beyblade”. And if you didn’t know what Beybades are, then you’re not a mother of boys aged between 5 – 8 yrs old. Anyway, passive aggressive mom vent done, lets get to some action shots of Keane on the lacrosse field this season.

Game day. Armed and ready.

A little help from Daddy to gear up.

Keane is ready to rock. Cullen is wondering if its over yet, before it even starts.

Time for the fans to take their place on the sidelines. Cullen and his friend Nash arrive with their own sideline entertainment.

When the sun is too glarey, you build yourself a cover.

Pre-game team huddle.

Keane gets some last minute instructions.

Playing defense, Keane is no. 15, far right.

Game on!

Keane in the centre.

In full defense mode.

Up for the catch.

The clash.

And the tumble.

Time out. Keane in the centre.

Keane no.15.

Keane giving the ref a slight side eye.

End of the game, and its a win for The Hawks! Final score 2-1

High-5’s for the teams.

A team of sweaty winners.

Hydration time.

Victory cheer.

Team photo.

Some photos from The Hawks Game 2.

Team warm up drills.

Cullen and his sideline buddy, Nash set up with some toys.

Pre-game team talk.

Cullen and Nash engage in a wrestling game to pass the time.

Focus on solving a rubiks cube.

Here we go!

Keane is in for the game tip off.

The Hawks score.

It was the only goal the Hawks scored at this game.

Cheeky little glance back to make sure we’re watching.

Cullen & Nash, not really paying the game much attention.

Keane (no.15) up for the catch.

End of game and sadly this was a loss for the Hawks.

Getting in line for the team High-5’s.

Pep-talk from coach to help try and lift the spirits from the loss.

Team cheer!

1 sweaty boy.

Cullen wondering where the post games snacks are?

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