Pumpkin Pickin 2019

October 14, 2019

Its Pumpkin Season!! The boys have only been enquiring since the summer as to when we’d be going to the pumpkin farm again. And when you starting making pumpkin enquiries in June, well, October can start to feel like it might never come around. But it finally did. Saturday afternoon a tribe of us mommas and all of our kids (8 boys and 1 girl) hit the pumpkin patch hard.

Can’t hit up a pumpkin farm without a wagon to transport your pumpkins.

Cullen is straight into the pumpkin picking.

While Keane is straight into the wagon.

In the absence of a wagon engine, Keane’s friend Luke provides the push power.

Ambitious choice of pumpkin by the big boys.

Still strugglin.

Good idea, something a little more manageable.

Keane in powerhouse mode.

And its in!

Luke doesn’t want to give up on the monster pumpkin.

A break from the pumpkins to play around with the duck pumps.

Ashton, Henry, Cullen and our little friend Julian there at the end.

Julian doing his best to get a look at whats going on.

Cullen and Henry getting maximum fun out of these ducks.


Keane’s got his hands on all the ducks.

Just a couple of dudes making their way to the roly-poly’s.

The roly-poly’s, always a crowd favorite.

Cullen & Henry.

A bit of a roly-poly collision.


More crashing.

Keane & Luke getting an injection of speed from Cullen & Henry.


2 youngest members of group, the twins and their first go in the roly-poly.

Ashton living his best roly-poly life.

Pause for fun snap.

Entering the flower maze.

Logan in a mad rush to find his way to the centre.

Ashton & Keane close behind.

Here comes Cullen.

And not forgetting little Julian.

As the eldest of the group, Keane feels like he’s the one to get everyone to the centre.

The rest are happy to follow the new leader.

Bingo! We made it to the centre.

Making a few new friends around the farm.

Pumpkin checkers.

The face on Ashton, whatever’s happening, he is not one bit impressed.

A tower of tiny pumpkins compliments of Keane.

Back to the pumpkins, with one of the twins, Eoghan.

And his twin sister Verity, helping Cullen make some tough pumpkin choices.

Its good to rest a minute, especially when there’s some hard decisions to be made.

Cullen is a fan of the smaller pumpkins.

This wagon is starting to fill up.

Julian wanted zero help with the wagon pushing.

And break for ice-cream.

Tube slide time.

Time to go, but not before we grab a few more pumpkins for the road.

Choosing some of the more unique looking pumpkins.

One very full wagon and 2 very happy boys.

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