Team Momma

October 8, 2019

In previous years our Fall break would consist of The Husband and I taking a trip or going on a little camping adventure together with the kids. Our last opportunity to enjoy the good weather before the unpredictability of winter starts to roll in. This year everything got turned on its head. The World Track & Field Championships were a whole month later than previous years, which meant The Husband was out of the country for the entire duration of Fall break. So it was left up to this Momma to find ways to entertain and occupy her beloved children for 11 full days. Yes, 11 days. To make things even more challenging, most of our friends, who’s husband or significant others weren’t attending the World Track & Field Championships, all had their own plans to head out of town on their own Fall Break Family adventures. But as luck with have it, one good friend, one, also had a husband who was away on business for the first half of the week. So we teamed up and planned a 3 day trip to the small mountain town of Helen, GA. 2 Mommas working together to make a Fall break for 4 little boys, fun.

Post breakfast on Day 1 and we were off on a hike to Anna Ruby Falls.

Cullen, with a face full of determination, is very serious about getting to these falls.

Hot on his heels, his good friend Ashton.

Bringing up the rear, Keane, little Julian and my good friend Cassie.

Pause for discussion and some observations.

Keane alternated between surging ahead and lagging behind. His pacing skills are completely random and inconsistent.

The river is looking wild. Must be getting closer to the falls.

We definitely hear the sound of rushing water.

Bingo! Anna Ruby Falls.

Boys were very impressed.

Group shot!

The rocks are our playground. Climbing…..

…and sliding.

Rest stop on the hike back.

Hey there Julian.

Boys found a rock pool they wanted to stop and fish in.

Later that day we went gem stone mining.

Panning for the rocks that will make us rich.

Keane believes he’s found something special.

Julian with a little help from his Mom.

Busy, busy.

The cabin we stayed at had a hot tub. So guess where we spent the evening??

The following morning was spent at the Unicoi State Park beach.

After the beach we took the boys to ride the Mountain coaster. 1 person is this photo appears to be more excited than Cullen about our ride to the top and back down the mountain.

After Cullen’s and my safe return back down, it was time for Keane and I to take on the mountain. Then Cassie & Ashton.

Nothing quite like a carriage ride to let the world know your a tourist.

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