September 29, 2019

All quiet on the blog. All quiet cos the boys were on Fall Break from School all last week. Which means pretty much zero down time for a mother cos we’re busy doing lots of “fill the day” activities. And filling the days of 2 seemingly endless energy boys, will leave a mother battered and wrecked. Too battered and wrecked to do anything but crawl into her bed in the evening and pass out 10 minutes into her 3rd maybe 4th attempt to watch “Peaky Blinders” on Netflix. #momlife.

Anyway, lots to share, just searching for the opportunities to do it. Have a part 2 post on the cousins visit and trip to the lake cabin. Also during last weeks Fall Break, a fellow mom friend of mine and her 2 boys, me and my 2 boys took a trip to Helen, GA for a few days. So a post in the works on that too.

In the mean time, here are the 4 Doyle Boys (& Dexter). As captured on the final morning of our trip to the lake.

And 4 friends, as captured on our friends trip to Helen, GA last week.

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