The Adventure Bunch

September 22, 2019

I took soooo many photos. I always do when the cousins get together. They’re an adventurous little bunch of fellas who never stop going, so me and my trigger happy shooting finger worked overtime persevering all their together moments. A couple of weeks ago when the cousins came to visit, we took ourselves off to the lake for a weekend. Rented a dotey little cabin style house right on the water for all of fishing, boating, tubing and swimming needs.

I’m currently trying to type this post out on my phone, and I have to be honesty, it’s not going well. The phone screen while wonderful, doesn’t always give me the full view a desktop monitor would, so my sentences seem to disappear off the edge of the page only to reappear but not always in the right place. The battle of thumb size v’s key size is real and autocorrect is endlessly trying to put works in my mouth which I don’t appreciate, cos I’m more than capable of coming across foolish all by myself. Thanks anyway autocorrect. All this to say I’m done fighting with my phone in a effort to share the photos in the post, so I’m skipping any commentary on the various pics. Today, the photos will have to speak for themselves. Commentary will resume for next post as I will be back in front of my wonderful desktop by the end of the week. Until then, enjoy!

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