Little Pressure Cookers

September 15, 2019

Last week the boys and their friend Bryson, took on a different type of adventure. We took the fun inside for the boys first official cooking class. The menu they were learning to prepare was: Chicken Tenders with Waffles. Fruit Smoothies and Egg-in-a-Donut Hole. Not a short menu by any means and a lot of challenging kitchen skills to navigate and figure out. There were so many moments where disaster seemed imminent. Aisha (Bryson’s mom) and I were in a constant state of high alert. Not to mention the amount of times we had to remind the boys that the kitchen utensils were not in fact weapons or toys. But over all, I was very impressed with the boys eagerness to listen and learn. How well they followed instructions and how excited they were by the process and especially the result, cos we all got to sit down and enjoy the meal the boys worked so hard to prepare.

Getting set up in the kitchen.

Preparing the chicken to marinade. Not everyone was a fan of touching the raw chicken and by that I mean Cullen was having none of it. But Keane and Bryson we all in.

Cullen was more than happy to make the marinade sauce and really enjoyed rubbing the sauce all over the chicken.

Next up, watching and learning how to measure out the ingredients for the waffles.

And now they have to do it themselves.

Cullen trying to sneak a taste test (right). And ta-dah! The waffles and turning out so well (left).

3 very good looking waffles.

Watching the prep for the final dish, Egg-in-a-Donut Hole. Cullen is starting to hit a wall. Cooking is a tiring gig.

But he found his second wind when he realized this was the last dish and next came the eating.

Doing a great job.

At last, all the work is done. Its time to enjoy the foods of our labour. Smoothie cheers for Bryson and Keane.

Cullen had zero time for cheers. He was hungry and he’d been patient for long enough.

3 very proud little chefs. Well done boys.

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