Its Another Centre Parc Post

September 4, 2019

Final round up of photos from our Centre Parcs adventure and on one of the mornings Keane and I headed off for a little one on one time. Being close in age, Cullen and Dafne have a natural bond and gravitate towards each other. Dafne is a real lad, and they love the same lad’ish things. Being a couple of years older, Keane sometimes feels a little on the outside for their friendship. He doesn’t always want to do the things they do, so on the morning of our second day, Derval took the “littles” off for a bike ride and a bug hunting adventure, while Keane and I opted for some rope climbing, zip-lining and archery.

Keane, my fearless child.

After our aerial adventure, it was time to weapon up and rock our inner Robin Hood.

Both of us really enjoyed the archery. To the point that Im actively seeking out some local archery clubs.

Getting closer to that bullseye.

Robin Keane.

The evening of our final day, everyone wanted to spend it at the water park. While we waited for Derv to get her sh*t together, I entertained myself by grabbing a few cute memory snaps of these little besties on yet another amazing adventure. Keane insisted his Centre Parcs bike be in the photos. There were even questions about the possibility of bringing the bike back to America with us.

Theses 2 :)

Our cute little crew.

When you ask your non-photographer friend to grab a few snaps of yourself and your kids, the result can be a little……different.

After the water park (no photos from the water park cos, expensive camera + building full of waterslides, wave pool, lazy river, rapids and sprayers = lots of potential for disaster) it was back to our cabin for some pre-bedtime fun.

It may look like Dafne is trying to assault Cullen, but she’s just very excited about the baby dinosaur she found in the fossil eggs they’d been smashing.

Cute little peasant girl.

Our last morning, time to return the bikes :(

Keane left Centre Parc with a collection of hats. A sailor hat to go with his Robin Hood hat.

Before we left we had to stop off at the pottery class to see how our Dragon, Snake & Shark tuned out after their night in the kiln.

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