Centre Parc Opening Weekend

August 29, 2019

Something pretty cool happened while we were in Ireland. My bestie Derval and her little girl, Dafne, Keane, Cullen and I got to attend the opening weekend of Centre Parcs Ireland. Irish people will need explanation as to what Centre Parcs is. It was literally the talk of the country the weekend it opened. And let me reassure you all, it absolutely lives up to the hype. This place it amazing. Everything you could possibly need, anything you would want to experience on a family vacation, is there. And ALL of the staff were beyond amazing. We didn’t get to test drive all of the activities (which just means we need to plan a trip back ;) ) But what we did do, we loved. More importantly, the kids loved it. Took a bunch of photos of course, its taking me a minute to go through them all. So I’ll share the first round of pics here and a few more in a couple of days.

Guests at Centre Parc stay in fabulous wooden cabins. Minutes after we picked up our cabin key, dropped off our luggage, we were off to our first activity. This activity required the kids to wear these Irish flat caps.

Yes, tiny off-roading jeeps. Couldn’t ask for a funner way to kick off our stay. Keane impatiently listens to the driving instructions.

Dafne is ready.

Cullen is eager to get these jeeps going.

Dafne had a bit of a crash incident on her practice drive, so we thought it best if she be a passenger in Cullen’s jeep.

And they are off! Great excitement going through the water.

Keane handles his vehicle like a pro.

These 2, so cute.

The kids had to gather small puzzle pieces along the driving route and these pieces fit into a puzzle board on the back of their jeep.

Cullen’s face here, too funny. Focus with an edge of smugness.

All smiles for successful and accident free off-roading experience.

After leaving the jeeps we headed off to the bike centre. There are no cars allowed in Centre Parc. You leave you car parked in a parking area at the entrance for the duration of your stay. So the best way to get around is by bike. We were all very excited to pick our of transportation for the weekend. The kids actually loved the freedom and independence of biking everywhere.

Dafne had her eye on the same bike as Cullen.

Keane spotted this bike seconds after walking in and there was no way he wasn’t having it.

Derval and Dafne ended up selecting a bike with a trailer.

Riding in comfort and style.

This kid would have been just as happy riding around Centre Parc on his bike all weekend.

Lots of fun playgrounds scattered around the Parc.

Pottery painting, this was an activity Cullen chose. He’s my little artist.

Keane is in a dragon phase, so he chose to paint a dragon.

Dafne went for a snake.

And of course, Cullen picked a shark.

In the creative zone.

Back to our cabin for a little recharge time before we went to the water park.

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