Our Titanic Adventure

August 25, 2019

During his summer break Keane had a little research project to do. Nothing specific, just something or someone that interested him. Having recently finished a book on the Titanic, he became a little obsessed and decided this would be the focus of his research. Very quickly he discovered that the Titanic was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland, so I asked him if while we were in Ireland he’d like to take a trip to Belfast to visit the Titanic museum. The answer was a hard and enthusiastic “Yes!!” So one of the days of our trip, we drove North to spend the day stepping back in time.

The lads enjoying a wee chat on the short walk along the docks to the museum.

The museum there in the background and the ship Nomadic in the foreground. The last ship built by The White Star Company, who also built the Titanic. (See, this girl was a good listener on her museum visit)

Regular stops to look at everything.

As well as regular stops to climb on everything.

Titanic Museum.

So many minutes spent running around and climbing the museum sign. I was beginning to wonder if they’d want to go in at all.

The whole mood of the museum tour is very dark. Cos obviously we’re dealing with a subject matter that ended in a complete disaster, so everything is set mostly in darkness. So not a lot of picture snapping. But at this point of the tour we stopped to look out at the dock where Titanic was built and where it set sail.

The route and stops made by Titanic on its maiden voyage which was suppose to end in New York.

The Titanic experience is amazing. There was a lot about the history of ship building in Belfast and life in general in the city at the time. Which I found really interesting but the boys struggled through. What they really enjoyed was the simulation of being on the Titanic. The room that played the morse code call for help from the Titanic over and over again. And of course the reconstruction of the moment the Titanic hit the iceberg and started to sink. That is what they came for. ¬†Action, adventure and disaster. Lots of questions about why there weren’t enough life boats, if any of the passengers got eaten by sharks, why couldn’t people just swim…..so many questions, my brain was spinning.

The spot of the Titanic’s keel laying ceremony. The place where construction of the ship began is now another play opportunity for the boys.

Keane running the length of the dock.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Belfast, definitely make time to hit up the Titanic museum.

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