Off Into The Sunset

August 18, 2019

Visiting my good friend Nicola and getting to ride horses has become a bit of a trip to Ireland tradition. The boys ask every time we go back, if they’ll get to ride Nicola’s horses? And every time Nicola makes it happen for them. Cos she’s a pure dote.

When we arrived Niocla was in the midst of a riding camp. So while she was finishing up with a very impressive group of young riders, the boys strolled around saying “Hi” to the other horses.

Watching the other kids, impatiently waiting for his turn.

Cullen rode for the first time last year and really enjoyed it. So I was interested to see how he’d do this year. I feel like both of them have a different kind of reaction each time they get to ride.

A group of very impressive little riders.

This was the last day of Nicola’s riding camp, so was important to get a group shot.

Now the boys are ready to go.

Cullen is riding Coconut.

Keane is on Sparky, the horse he requests to ride each year. His favorite.

A few easy walking laps to get warmed up.

Practice stepping over some jumps.

The focus.

Loving every minute of it.

Nicola talking Keane through some cup on cone drills.

Cullen working on jumping posture.

After a lovely afternoon of riding, we took a short drive to Slane Castle for dinner.

When you request a photo of them together, this is what I got.

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