Let The Sun Shine

August 12, 2019

The one thing we had while we were in Ireland, was lots of sunshine. Sunshine is not always a given in Ireland, even in the summer months. But we definitely got lucky for the 10 days we were there. It only rained 1 day, that was the day left. And rumor has it it hasn’t stopped since. But we got to spend the majority of our trip, enjoying lots of outdoor fun.

The Husband had a few days break in this busy track meet traveling schedule, so he popped over to Ireland and joined us on our day trip to Howth Co. Dublin.

As you can probably tell, Howth is on the coast, the east coast of the country.

The local fishermen.

We met up with our cousins to do The Howth Cliff Walk.

The youngest lads.

A fabulous day will bring out a fabulous crowd. Lots of people enjoying a costal stroll.

Emily, Keane and Evan, the leaders of our group.

Lots of lovely views.

When little legs get tired, they get to ride on Daddy’s shoulders. And enjoy the benefits of better views from a higher elevation.

Good clear view of Ireland’s Eye.

Keane and Emily had no interest in waiting for anyone.

They even befriended a local dog who was just out for an enjoyable stroll too.

An hour of so in and Evan’s face lets us know that the fatigue is well and truly setting in.

Cullen’s not tired though.

Emily and Keane still leading the group and still enjoying the company of their new 4-legged friend.

Hot and sweaty post walk, we stopped off at Howth beach to cool off. And to take our new kite for a test fly.

Cullen got busy with the sand castle building.

Keane takes the rocky road while Cullen enjoys the cooler, softer ocean.

Low tide.

Mussel gathering.

Befriending the local jellyfish.

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